TPOmap, the GDPR compliance software: simple and so easy!

TPOmap is a software based on the TPO SOLUTIONS method for GDPR compliance, security, use and enhancement of data. This collaborative platform enables organisations to achieve their goals by digitising the applicable standards of the European Data Economy: GDPR, reference measures on IT security, NIS2, DORA, AI Act, etc.


Whether you are the DPO of a large international company or the manager of a middle-sized organisation, TPOmap is the ideal tool for you. It is adapted to your needs and focused on simplifying GDPR compliance.

In order to assist the client in using TPOmap and implement the measures identified by TPOmap, including legal and organisational measures to comply with the GDPR, TPO SOLUTIONS offers professional support provided by a team of multidisciplinary consultants.


You enter the information according to the nomenclature.


TPOmap carries out an automated data audit.
TPOmap indicates the actions to be taken to achieve the goals.

Coming soon

TPOmap generates privacy notices and data processing agreements in accordance with the register and the legal requirements.

Even easier

In order to assist you in using TPOmap or implementing the measures identified by TPOmap, whether they are legal or organisational in nature, the multidisciplinary consultants of TPO SOLUTIONS provide personalised assistance, specific support and a customised training programme.

Our features

Methodology of the privacy management programme

User Guide

Centralisation of proof of confidentiality

Register, risk analysis, policies - contracts – privacy notices, data breach notifications, etc.

Collaborative digital GDPR compliance management process

Role-based access management and governance programme

Structured data and provisions

Generation of data processing agreements and privacy notices

Electronic processing inventory

Collaborative process and online completion of data processing sheets for GDPR compliance

Compliance status and automated dashboard

Generation and updating of the GDPR roadmap

Automatic assessments

Automatic assessments of risk levels and security of internal and external IT resources (CNIL, ISO)

Privacy management policy

List of tasks

Automatic generation of the list of new data processing agreements, privacy notices and missing compliance measures

Other policies

Updating the GDPR compliance: IT security, data retention, incident management, etc.

GDPR compliance

  • Respecting the rights of the data subjects
  • Legitimacy and security of data transfers
  • Compliance with general principles
  • Implementing the register of processing activities
  • Establishment of the organisation
  • Management of risks related to processing
  • Asset and data security
  • Management of the information life cycle
  • Processing legitimacy
  • Processing transparency