GDPR compliance

GDPR compliance

Protecting people thanks to the GDPR

In the age of digitisation, businesses and organisations must protect personal data responsibly. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enables them to fulfil this responsibility in a simple and effective manner.

The GDPR sets forth a series of appropriate legal, technical and organisational measures. Once implemented by the organisation, these measures will ensure a sufficient level of protection for the processing of personal data. The GDPR applies to all organisations or companies that provide products or services to citizens of the European Union.

TPO SOLUTIONS offer superior data protection

  • Establishment of a precise inventory of processing activities in compliance with the GDPR – easy to fill out, to maintain and update on a regular basis.
  • Clarity – in-depth knowledge of the organisation’s responsibilities.
  • The collaborative process ensures that the right information is sent to the right person, thus saving time and avoiding unnecessary searches.
  • A solution focused on data indicates the compliance status of the organisation.
  • Quality of data available to the DPO: centralised, structured, detailed information provided by knowledgeable people.
  • Efficiency – no double entry of information – saves time.
  • Relevance of available data – establishment of factual data processing agreements and privacy notices.
  • A series of ready-to-use documents, templates, processes: privacy management processes – governance, privacy management policies and standard clauses, etc.
  • Simple global visualisation – centralisation of personal data processing activities, structured in a way that is relevant to the various teams: IT, legal, CISO, operations, DPO, etc.
  • Real-time view of compliance status
  • Design confidentiality – the various departments are encouraged to use a common logic and adapt their processes to new projects.