Case studies

Case studies


“The TPOmap solution allows you to centralise all the documentation necessary to comply with the GDPR. It is very intuitive and easy-to-use to keep our records up-to-date (processing sheets, technical datasheets, DPIA, etc.). It also provides a global and individual view of the measures that still need to be taken. It is undoubtedly a solution that facilitates the rather complicated management of the GDPR.”

Kelsey Hopper

“TPO SOLUTIONS guided me on how to address GDPR compliance by helping me develop a complete record of processing activities. From this basis, I was able to perform transparency, security, and legitimacy obligations by identifying and giving priority to my most risky processing activities. My business along with privacy laws is changing, and probably will continue to do so, but with the system of TPOmap, I am able to facilitate the maintenance of the register. With TPO, I can find clarity to make the best decisions for the security of my online business.”


“Sabine Mersch and the TPO SOLUTIONS team helped us to document our processes and data in compliance with the GDPR. The cooperation was very professional and efficient. It was well worth it to seek the help of an external expert.”

DRS Belgium

“A competent and reliable partner with whom we enjoy working. Thanks to their work, their advice, and the tools they have implemented such as TPOmap. TPO SOLUTIONS has been helping us to navigate through the complexities of the GDPR for several years now. They are flexible, attentive and above all, extremely professional.”

CoCo World

“While working with TPO SOLUTIONS, you feel that you are in good hands. A professional team; very well-planned and task-oriented work. Follow up of meetings, availability, and explanations for every step of the entire process. Once you understand the entire concept, the files and templates that are created will tremendously facilitate your work. Everything is linked in a very smart way and the templates are continuously updated. I will not hesitate to recommend TPO SOLUTIONS to others on account of their professionalism and their client-oriented approach. It is great working with them!”

ASBL Mère Joséphine

“We are a retirement and nursing home …We have been able to count on the skills and enthusiasm of Sabine Mersch as well as her team to assist us in the implementation of the GDPR. This job requires open-mindedness and a great ability to listen. We are delighted about our collaboration with TPO SOLUTIONS.”

European Broadcasting Union

“Thanks to TPOmap, data protection compliance becomes more straightforward, easier and more effective. TPOmap is a useful tool not only for managing data confidentiality, but also other aspects of data governance, including security.”